Radiation Oncology

Ernest Hymel,MD,PhD,MBA
Board Certified
Radiation Oncology

Danny Chow, MD
Board Certified
Radiation Oncology

Chisa Echendu, MD,PhD
Radiation Oncology

Medical Oncology

Harry Smith, MD
Board Certified
Medical Oncology

Sohail Akbani, MD
Board Certified
Medical Oncology

Tahir Naqvi,MD,MBA
Board Certified

Nurse Practicioners

Lindsey Brown, AGACNP-BC
Board Certified
Adult Gerontology Acute Care

Ashley Humphreys, AGACNP-BC
Board Certified
Adult Gerontology Acute Care

Patient Resources

At Baptist Regional Cancer Network we know that the diagnosis and fight against
cancer can be overwhelming. To help you during this difficult time, we can connect
you and your family with the resources you need to cope with your disease. 

How do I get started?

If you are being referred to the Baptist Regional Cancer Network by another doctor, your first appointment may already be scheduled.  To find out if an appointment has been made or to schedule an appointment please contact us at 409.212.5941 or 409.212.5985

When scheduling your first appointment, please have available your insurance information, including: name of your insurance company, plan number, policy number and claims-related contact information. Upon receipt of this information, we will verify your insurance coverage and benefits prior to your visit. We will also inform you of any out-of-pocket expenses that may be due upon your visit.

When coming to the Baptist Regional Cancer Network a comprehensive, community-based cancer care facilities, patients can:

  • Spend more precious time with their families at their time of need.
  • Eliminate the strenuous burden of travel, navigating large parking lots and walking long distances.
  • Receive all their care and support services at one location, rather than being shuffled from one clinic to another.
  • Receive their care in warm, intimate surroundings rather than in sterile, impersonal settings.
  • Take advantage of today’s most effective technologies for diagnoses and treatments.
  • Benefit from the best continuity of care, with close collaboration among their medical caregivers and coordination of treatments.

Things to bring to your first appointment:

For your convenience, to help you be best prepared and to work with you most efficiently, we’ve made all the necessary paperwork available to you here on our website. 

Clicking on the links will download the associated form as a Portable Document Format (.pdf) file. Please print and fill out the form as completely as possible and bring with you on your first appointment.

If you have any difficulties with or questions about these forms, please don’t hesitate to call our helpful support staff at 409.212.5922.

Helpful Websites

American Cancer Society

This website provides information on various types of cancer, treatment options, cancer statistics and clinical trials. You can access on-line support groups for cancer patients and caregivers.

National Cancer Institute

This web site provides information on various types of cancer, treatment options, cancer statistics and clinical trials. You can order brochures on specific cancers, nutrition, smoking cessation, treatment modalities and they are all free.

Women’s Cancer Network

This web site addresses cancers specific to women such as uterine, cervical and vaginal cancers as well as helping women deal with other types of cancer such as lung and breast.

Cancer Care

This website provides free professional support to those with cancers, their caregivers, family and the bereaved. Their programs include counseling, education, financial assistance and practical help.

Association of Cancer Online Resources

This web site provides various e-mail lists that are free for patients, family, friends, researchers, nurses and physicians to discuss clinical and non-clinical issues and advances pertaining to all forms of cancer.

Community Outreach

We understand the importance of relationship building with our patients and the community.
That is why we offer educational seminars for local businesses, schools and news media
to increase awareness and hopefully save lives. We offer the following programs:

Taking Control of Your Lifestyle

Introduces you to a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle that reduces ones risk of developing cancer, how to avoid certain cancer causing elements and the importance of early detection. (Adult)

Prostate Health Awareness

Informs men about the risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer and the importance of early detection through PSA blood test and digital rectal exam (DRE). (Men – Adult)

Breast Health Awareness

Informs women about risk factors for developing breast cancer and recommended procedures to preserve breast health through regular breast self-exam (BSE), annual breast exam by a healthcare provider and regular mammograms according to recommended screening guidelines. (Women – Teenager; Adult)

Wellness is Ageless

Program is designed for seniors and demonstrates that no matter what your age, you can lower your cancer risks by good health practices. (Seniors)

Prostate Health Awareness

Informs men about the risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer and the importance of early detection through PSA blood test and digital rectal exam (DRE). (Men – Adult)

Note: All programs are approximately 1 hour in length (unless different time frame requested) and highly interactive with models, demonstrations, videos, handouts and include a question and answer session. To request a presentation please call 409.212.5922.

For Hospital or Other Facility Patients:

You could receive two or more bills for services provided. Total diagnostic or treatment costs include the physician or provider’s fee, as well as hospital (or other facility) charges.

This statement is not a duplicate charge, but a separation of the facility and physician or provider’s fees. These services were provided while you were under our care, or at the request of your other physicians or providers.

Your bill from the facility may include a separate charge for use of its equipment, supplies, and technical personnel. You may also receive bills from other physicians or providers who were involved with your care if you were a patient in a hospital or other facility. If you have any questions concerning your bill, please call our office and we will be happy to assist you.

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