About Us

Baptist Regional Cancer Network is committed to providing state-of-the-art technology
and excellence in patient care. At the Baptist Regional Cancer Network, physicians with
an extremely experienced care team work together to design individual
treatment plans based on the type, stage and aggressiveness of the cancer. 

World-class cancer treatment with local care and community values

At Baptist Regional Cancer Network we understand the importance of relationship building with our patients and the community. That is why we offer educational seminars for local businesses, schools and news media to increase awareness and hopefully save lives.

With our extensive knowledge, experience and our access to leading-edge technologies, we can take care of all your cancer needs close to home.

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Three convenient locations in Southeast Texas

Cancer Center of Southeast Texas​

Altus Cancer Center​

Julie & Ben Rogers Cancer Institute​

The possibility of a cancer diagnosis can be a frightening, confusing and overwhelming experience. The Breast & Oncology Navigation benefits provide our patients refuge from this uncertainty by offering personalized
services that other cancer treatment centers cannot provide.

Contact the Dauphin Women’s Center’s Navigation Program to learn more about these services:

740 Hospital Drive, Suite 140
Beaumont 77701
(409) 212-7950

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our organization and the services we offer:

Baptist Regional Cancer Network operational hours are:
Monday – Thursday 8 am – 4:30 pm
Friday 8 am – 12 noon

BRCN Altus Cancer Center is conveniently located on N 11th St between Broadway and Liberty. Our physical address is 310 N 11th St, Beaumont, TX 77702.

Baptist Regional Cancer Network Julie & Ben Rogers Cancer Institute is located at 3555 Stagg Dr., Beaumont, Texas 77701. It is located behind HEB and is easily accessed off of College St or Fannin St by turning onto 8th St.

Parking is free and is located right outside the front entrance of the cancer center.

No, should you have an abnormal test, like a CT scan or MRI that shows something that might be cancer; you can be seen at the Baptist Regional Cancer Network Suspicion of Cancer Clinic.

Patients that have a cancer diagnosis or something that looks suspicious of cancer can self-refer into the Baptist Regional Cancer Network. However, if you have an insurance plan that requires a referral, the referral will need to be obtained prior to you being seen at the center.

Call 409.212.5984 to make an appointment. Please ask your physician’s office to send your medical records to us prior to your first visit.

The best way to come prepared to your first appointment is to complete our new patient forms in advance and bring them with you.

You will need to bring the following information with you:

  • Driver’s License
  • Insurance Card
  • Medication that you are currently taking
  • Sweater in case you get cold
  • Be prepared to be at the center for 1-2 hours
  • Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete any required paperwork

We contract with major insurance carriers and file claims with all your insurance companies.  For more details contact Baptist Regional Cancer Network. Please call us 409.212.5984 to speak with Intake Coordinator and she will be able to discuss if we are on your insurance plan

We prefer and encourage you to bring a family member or close friend with you for your first visit and for subsequent visits, as well. Patients are often naturally anxious about their condition and may not be feeling their best. You will be receiving significant amounts of new information during your visit. You may find that having another person there to act as an extra pair of “ears,” to take notes, to ask questions you might not think of at that moment — and to afford you emotional support — very beneficial.

We are required to obtain your written authorization for any use or disclosure of your protected health information (PHI). You can view and print the Release of Medical Records form or you can request a copy by calling our office at 409.212.5922.
New patient forms are available on the website that you can download and complete prior to your visit. At the time your appointment is scheduled, a New Patient Packet can be placed in the mail to you for you to complete in the privacy of your home.
Yes! If you would like to tour any of the Baptist Regional Cancer Network facilities, please come in between the hours of 8 am – 3 pm Monday – Thursday. We invite you to find out more about our comprehensive services and commitment to patient care by visiting our state-of-the-art, convenient and comfortable locations near you.